Change Interventions for Development (CID) conducts seminars and workshops addressed to change agents who are ready to drive reform efforts. They benefit by gaining access to approaches, concepts, and tools to help them develop change interventions and deliver results.  

We offer technical support – practitioner expertise coupled with solid technical background on projects across various sectors and countries.

We help reform teams design change interventions based on rigorous science and practitioner expertise.  We develop evaluation metrics to assess reform progress.  We provide immersive learning experiences to reform teams and their counterparts/partners/colleagues, utilizing blended learning with follow-up online coaching.  We help explore the value of social media, ‘big data’ analytics and social network  analysis as tools for building coalitions and collaborative networks. 


 We help the government and anybody interested in a  nation's development to train people to be in the forefront of change.

Photography by Caby Verzosa


Mural of deer taken from cave walls in Turkey, one of the places we visited.

Catal Hüyük, bulls of ancient Turkey.


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